The project

You are unique, your tie as well.
Created and crafted in Naples, Italy.
Passionately curated by three generations of Neapolitan tie lovers, each tie is unique, as you.
Our series unica1980’s ties are unique. 

We produce only one tie per each silk type within each series.
Every tie has an hand-sewn label with the owner’s name, series and item number, without prefixes.
The owner’s initials will be sewn on the small tip of the tie.
No unica1980’s tie will leave without the owner’s name.

We mantain an anonimous register for each series, documenting each tie’s details, silk samples and secrets to prevent duplication.
We don’t have a physical store, the founder of this project personally chose different artisians for each production step from the person who sew the ties, to the one who creates the labels to mantain the product unique and minimise recognition.
For the same reason we decided not to promote this projet, we are interested in being unique, not famous.
Our lack of stable sales organization, at moment, is a sign of extreme craftsmanship of our ties, each hanmade in Naples, Italy.
We will not accept any reservation, the only way you can buy a unica1980’s tie will be through the websites ( and both redirecting here).
While we can’t guarantee that will never find similar silks, we can promise that your tie will be UNICA.
Our labels may evolve but our ideas, values and our name will never change.

We aim to broaden our project into new domains and remain open to the prospect of forging ties with other precious, and innovative materials in the future. 
We have big plans.

Make no little plans. They have no magic to stir men’s blood and probably themselves will not be realized.” 

(Daniel Hudson Burnham)