sales philosophy

Our unica1980 phylosophy revolves around the creation of a distinct and personalized product tailored for each customer.

Recognising the inherent uniqueness of every individual, we are dedicated to delivering products that authentically reflect their individuality.

Each tie is a bespoke creation, attentively crafted for its owner.

Our customers are engaged with the final product’s creation through personalised emails, complete with detailed photos depicting each phase of the production process.

The unica1980 series ties are our commitment to uniqueness, with each design being produced only one for every type of silk and, recoreded in an anonymous registry to ensure unrivalled uniqueness.

Purchase can be made via email, the customer must submit an email providing all the information necessary for the customisation of the tie.

Payment must be made via a bank transfer to the specific account details provided in the response email.

Our response email will also include a photo of the selected tie and inquiries regarding production-related details.

Please note that production will commence after the successfull reception of the requested amount and associated shipping charges.

Currently, we are experiencing staffing constrains, leading to potential delays in email responses. 

We apologise for any inconvenience and intend to inform you that the non-recipt of a response email will be construed as a declined purchase proposal.

All incoming emails will be evaluated in order of their arrival, and proposals to acquire our ties at higher prices for preferential treatment will not be considered, as we prioritise integrity.

Multiple purchases for a single series under one owner’s name will not be accepted, emphasizing the uniqueness of each tie.

Returns or exchanges will not be allowed, reflecting the uniqueness of our ties once produced.

Our ties can only be purchased through the designated email request or via the other methods indicated on this website.

We believe that this sales philosophy is the best way to create a special relationship with the future owners of our ties providing them with an unique and memorable shopping experience.