the zero series

The unica1980 zero series perfectly embodies the essence of the project, comprising ten distinct ties, each crafted as a unique piece from various silk types.

Handmade using exceptionally pure silk, each tie is meticulously cut and sewn into three folds with a specialized thread, ensuring elasticity during knotting.
The double cotton and wool core provides structure and consistency, maintaining an ideal shape.
Included with each tie in the unica1980 zero series is a complementary pocket square crafted from the same silk without the house logo, ensuring they are a coordinated set and not available for separate purchase.
The label on the tie’s back displays the owner’s full name, series number, and tie number, while initials are embroidered on the small tip.
The colors of the embroidery have been carefully selected by the creator of the project to complement the tie’s palette, and any minor imperfections contribute to its uniqueness.
Handcrafted and ranging from 145 to 155 centimeters, these ties are made using 100% natural materials.
Embedded within our ties are multiple secret symbols, known exclusively to the creator of the project, these symbols are recorded in an anonymous book, which accompanies each tie as part of its respective series.
The zero series is not for sale. Regardless the offered price.

We believe in allowing each tie to find Its own owner: a fusion of craftsmanship and quality.


Although, we don’t know when we will produce the next series, be assured that we are actively working on it.